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  • Supporting Small Businesses

    We’ve all had “support small businesses” drilled into our minds, but is this “buzz phrase” really that important?  Why should I go out of my way an...
  • Corporate Gifting – A Way to Say “You Matter”

    Let’s face it, whether you’re a client or an employee, it’s easy to feel like a number in the corporate setting.  You’re one of hundreds, possibly ...
  • The Art of Gifting

      After the year we all had in 2020, we’re buying and giving gifts that really matter, and our stay-at-home habits don’t seem to be going anywhere ...
  • So, Why Gifting?

    Giving a gift may seem like a small measure, but it can make a world of difference to how appreciated and cared about the people around us feel. 

    Gifting shows others that we went out of our way for them, both financially and by giving our time.  It shows that we are paying attention to them -- we know their interests, how they are feeling, how and with whom they spend their time, and we know what makes them feel good.