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So, Why Gifting?

so, why gifting?How many people in your life have helped you or comforted you, even in small ways? How good does it make you feel when you wake up to a surprise on your birthday or when you are feeling blue? How often do we truly take the time to appreciate others or even ourselves (yes, self-gifting is okay, and encouraged!)? When we stop to think about the answers to these questions, I think we all find that we often feel under-appreciated, and, in turn, don’t show our appreciation for others nearly as much as we could. Giving a gift may seem like a small measure, but it can make a world of difference to how appreciated and cared about the people around us feel.

Gifting shows others that we went out of our way for them, both financially and by giving our time. It shows that we are paying attention to them -- we know their interests, how they are feeling, how and with whom they spend their time, and we know what makes them feel good. Sending a pack of cookies, a favorite book, some bubble bath, or even a simple piece of chocolate can make a person we truly care about feel seen -- and sometimes, that is all we really need.