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Supporting Small Businesses

support small businessWe’ve all had “support small businesses” drilled into our minds, but is this “buzz phrase” really that important?  Why should I go out of my way and make additional stops or do additional research when I could just go to my local mega store for everything I need? The answer is really fairly easy to understand: small businesses give everyone a fighting chance, encourage diversity, and typically sell higher quality products to boot. 

When you shop small, you are giving someone else a chance to have a business, a chance to do what they love and feel passionate about.  You may be supporting a small community that doesn’t have much going for it, but with your monetary support, that business owner has a chance to put more money towards their own vendors and lifestyle, which in turn stimulates economic growth in wherever they are from – sometimes a community that really needs it.  Small businesses, unlike the mega stores, also make it easier to get high quality products.  These business owners are usually less concerned with keeping things ultra cheap (cheap is in the very business model of the mega stores) and therefore spend more money on the quality of their offerings.  By taking that extra step to find out about a smaller store, you are putting more money in the hands of people like you – and your neighbors!