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The Art of Gifting

 art of gifting>The gift market, like any other market, is constantly transforming to meet the values of society.<span class=  After the year we all had in 2020, we’re buying and giving gifts that really matter, and our stay-at-home habits don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Here are the gift trends we’ve been seeing in 2021:

  • Boxes are the new wicker baskets – boxes are not only more spacious...they’re recyclable!
  • Gifts that support a night in- charcuterie boards, puzzles, books, popcorn, take-and-make kits, all of the above!
  • Environmentally-friendly products- we’ve all had the time to rethink what we care about and focus on our true values, and that includes preserving mother Earth for as long as we can!
  • Utility items- people want gifts that they will actually use on a regular basis – think candles, kitchen utensils, blankets, or cologne.
  • Gifts for the home office - that desk doesn’t stock itself! Post-it notes, engraved pens, and high-quality notebooks (with recycled paper of course) are taking center stage.
  • We’re seeing a HUGE uptick in personalized gifting – memorability and personal connections are more important than ever after our long year of being apart.
  • Travel gifting-travel is slowly but surely becoming a viable option once more, and we’re ready for it!  Earbuds, neck pillows, and luggage tags make for the cutest little travel kit.


2021, keep it coming!